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Success Story — Susan Frank

While everyone’s reason for joining a network marketing business is different — from full-time career changes to supplemental pay for stay-at-home parents — Susan Frank is one of ARIIX’s greatest examples of how a woman can take control and build a life on residual income.

As a 29-year-old nurse and mother, Susan discovered the direct sales industry in 2009 when she began researching ways to create a second stream of income that would allow her to stay at home with her child. Having no experience, but a strong passion and desire to make it work, Susan relentlessly learned the ins and outs of the industry and began building a strong team around her.

Three years later, Susan discovered ARIIX. With her team-building knowledge and passion for direct sales, she began educating herself on the ARIIX business model, product philosophy, synergistic brand development and financial opportunity. In no time, she mastered all things ARIIX. An expert recruiter, Susan is well known for enrolling her waiter while dining at Ruby Tuesday, and that waiter later famously became known in the industry as Steve the Food Guy. Because of this, she now leads one of the strongest teams in the United States.

While Susan’s career achievements are vast, they are not what she is most proud of. Since beginning network marketing in 2009, she has had three more children and enjoys life raising her four little ones. Her ARIIX business has afforded her the financial freedom to stay home while continuing to contribute to her family’s income. For Susan, that’s the greatest blessing of them all.

She is now dedicated to empowering and supporting others to take control of their lives and dream big.

* Income Disclaimer: In 2015, $328,687.73 was the average yearly income for ARIIX Representatives who were classified as full-time, which was 2.47% of all Representatives. When the earnings of all 52,570 ARIIX Representatives were averaged — including those who became Representatives for only a single day — the average yearly earnings in 2015 was $1,557.51. 

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