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Success Story — Taiga Teraguchi

Recently, ARIIX Japan’s very own Chairperson Level 3, Taiga Teraguchi, was interviewed by the immensely popular direct selling publication in Japan, Network Business. With a reach of more than 70,000 network marketers in Japan, this is incredibly exciting for Mr. Teraguchi. Here, we share his interview and highlight his personal success story.

Success Story — Taiga Teraguchi

How did you discover ARIIX?
My father introduced me to ARIIX and within just a few years, I’ve advanced to Chairperson Level 3, which is the highest title in Japan. My incredible team includes a network of 25,000 members and accounts for 70–80% of all ARIIX Japan Representatives.

What are some of your strategies for success?

Make an Appointment with Your Sponsor
Whenever a new Representative enrolls in ARIIX, we introduce how to use the products and explain the ACTIV8™ Compensation Plan. A few weeks later we meet with the Representative again, and teach him how to prepare for business, as well as how to make an appointment with his sponsor. If the new Representative doesn’t understand the business fully, we believe it will influence his new customers. We want to give new Representatives confidence, even though they have just started their business.

I believe the most important thing to do is attend an ARIIX seminar within one month of enrollment. Through the seminar, new Representatives will hear stories of success and gain motivation.

Just Ask: “Do you know anything about network marketing?”
I had tried so many ways to introduce this opportunity, but I realized that simply asking prospects about network marketing is the best way: “I have exciting news for you! Do you know anything about network marketing?”

If you are hesitant to share about network marketing, your prospects will be able to see this in your face, and they won’t want to know more. I’m sure there are many people who have a bad image of network marketing. Understand their feelings and tell them how excited you are about this opportunity. I believe they will feel your passion about ARIIX and want to hear more.

Create a List Every Two Months
First, write down all the names and contacts you can come up with. You will find that you have many people to share with. Next, rank those you listed, and try to speak with those who rank highest on your list.

I recommend creating a new list once every two months, rather than just at the beginning. Your confidence in the business changes and grows over time, so the way you rank your contacts will also change. With confidence in the business, your view of the business will change.

Success Story — Taiga Teraguchi

Aim Higher without Feeling Discontent in Your Present Situation
I think it is the responsibility of the top leaders to be awarded at annual convention. I participated in the 2017 World Reunion in Hong Kong and felt great excitement over seeing the ARIIX leaders around the world. Even now, it is the role of top leaders to continuously introduce new members and keep showing their team that they’re working their business. As a top leader, I have a mission to make ARIIX Japan the best business in the country.

World Reunion 2017
From June 30 through July 2, 2017, ARIIX held its World Reunion in Hong Kong, and over 5,000 Representatives participated. There were about 500 Representatives from Japan. CEO Fred Cooper, President Mark Wilson and COO Riley Timmer explained their next vision and released the new product, Jouvé™ Nourishing Night Cream. They also hosted rank recognition and a panel discussion with top leaders from around the world.

These events are invaluable for your business. Gaining access and knowledge to products right when they roll out, having the opportunity to meet and speak with other Representatives, and catching the business excitement are just some of the reasons every Rep needs to attend. I encourage everyone in my network, especially newcomers, to attend!

Now is the Time
Great things are happening and so many people are excited about what ARIIX is doing. Now’s the time to join! Let’s share things that will change our ARIIX business in fun new ways!

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