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Success Story — Yuji Higashikawa

Yuji Higashikawa, also known by the ARIIX Executive team as Mr. 1,000 Yen, didn’t experience success right away. After years of struggling in the network marketing industry, he knew he had to do something radical to transform his fate. He abandoned the other businesses he had started and leapt courageously headfirst into a new endeavor as an ARIIX Representative.

Tell us a little about yourself and what led you to ARIIX?

I began a career in direct sales, but despite my best efforts, I only sponsored five others in an entire year, and as a result, I made 1,000 yen (equivalent to $10 USD) per month. My network was very small and I wasn’t making any progress, so I launched a new direct sales business, looking for the ever-elusive success that seemed so close, yet so far away.

This time, my commission increased a little, to about 3,000 yen a month. But that was not nearly enough to live on. I knew I needed to change things up in order to continue, so I sought advice from fellow direct sales entrepreneurs, Toshiya Waki and Wataru Kanno. I was disappointed to find out Mr. Kanno had recently decided to close his business and join a company I had never heard of — ARIIX. After speaking with him further and learning a little about the company, I decided to enroll with ARIIX as well.

Tell us about your early days as an ARIIX Representative?

I came to ARIIX without a portfolio of success in network marketing. Because of this, I lacked confidence in myself and in the industry.

Within a few weeks, Mr. Kanno achieved Chairperson with ARIIX, and I watched his business take off. This was encouraging to me as well! With rekindled inspiration, I signed up my first enrollee. She loved the philosophy ARIIX represents — that we support each other in success. Even though I was known as the “shy guy,” I quickly began enrolling other Representatives, averaging three new enrollees a day. I also hosted seminars. ARIIX began exploding around me, and my life transformed before my very eyes.

What is your ARIIX business like today?

After years of practice and advice from Mr. Kanno and Mr. Waki, I’m now very comfortable talking to thousands of people about this incredible opportunity. I love the ARIIX products, so it’s only natural to share them. I’ve learned everything there is to know about the products — from ingredients to formulation to the company’s Clean Commitment — and I love sharing this product knowledge with others. People from all over Tokyo come to me with questions.

My team is now more than 1,800 members strong. I recently received the ARIIX Savings Bonus and am earning an income I am proud of. I’m no longer Mr. 1,000 Yen. I am working hard to reach the level of CEO now.

Yuji Higashikawa Success Story

Do you have any tips for success you’d like to share with others?

ARIIX gave me the tools to transform my life, and the same can happen for you. Learn about the products and how transformative they are. Invest your time and your talent, and you won’t be disappointed. My life has completely changed since joining ARIIX, and I now have nothing to be afraid of. You can have that, too.


*In 2015, $328,687.73 was the average yearly income for ARIIX Representatives who were classified as full-time, which was 2.47% of all Representatives. When the earnings of all 52,570 ARIIX Representatives were averaged — including those who became Representatives for only a single day — the average yearly earnings in 2015 was $1,557.51.

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