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The Fastest Path to Financial Freedom

The Fastest Path to Financial Freedom—Commitment #2

By #1 New York Times bestselling financial author, Robert G. Allen

Commitment #2: I commit to plant realistic expectations.

Unrealistic expectations are the source of all disappointment in life. When people
expect something to be fast and easy and then find the way slow and difficult, they
often get disappointed and quit. And whose fault is that? The person who planted that
false expectation in the first place.

There is so much disappointment among amateur networkers when they begin with
their expectations out of whack. Remember, this is called network marketing for a
reason. Any professional marketer will tell you that marketing is a numbers game, and
those numbers never start out high. A direct mail letter, for example, will rarely get
more than one in every 200 people to pull out a credit card and buy something. One in
a hundred is an excellent response. Two or three out of 100 is incredible.

But all too often, beginning networkers make a list of their top one hundred friends
and are encouraged to sign up most of them, which is painfully unrealistic. Finding
one sharp new associate out of a hundred close friends is an excellent response, even
if you have the most exciting product on the planet, and two would be outstanding.
When a beginning entrepreneur is led into the business without the facts, they run off
thinking they can quickly sponsor a few friends, but after 20 solid rejections they quit
and blame the industry, thinking, “It doesn’t work, it’s a scam,” which is an
assessment just as inaccurate as the false hope they started with.

I’ll tell you the real scam: it’s when an amateur plants the unrealistic expectation that
talking to a few close friends is all it takes. Finding good, solid customers and
associates is very hard work. I would rather people enter the business expecting it to
be hard – maybe even the hardest work they’ve ever done. That way, when they
discover that it’s a bit easier than they originally thought, encouragement follows,
rather than the discouragement that turns them away. With each success they want to
forge ahead until they succeed. And success, once found, is so sweet!

Whenever I launch a new associate I tell this story:

Imagine you go to your mailbox and find a letter from an attorney representing the estate
of a long lost cousin. You’ve been left a million dollars in the will! But your cousin,
being an eccentric, placed some difficult stipulations in the will before you can claim
your money. He deposited the million in cash in a safety deposit box in a Swiss bank,
and the key to the box is in a small silver container on top of Alaska’s Mount McKinley,
the tallest mountain in North America. You have 12 months from today to climb to the
top of Mount McKinley, retrieve the key, and make it to Switzerland. If the 12 months
expire and you haven’t retrieved the million, it will be given to someone else.

Got it?

Then I ask them: Would you climb a mountain for a million dollars in tax-free cash?
Yes? Are you physically and mentally prepared for that right now? Probably not. What
would you have to do? First steps might include finding the guidance of a professional
mountain climber and beginning a training regimen. You might form a team and practice
on smaller mountains, and maybe visit a psychologist to get rid of your fear of heights.
You might even quit your job to focus exclusively on the climb. It would undoubtedly be
the hardest, most focused year of your life. But imagine how you’ll feel as you open that
Swiss deposit box! Chances are, you would say to yourself, “The million is nice, but more
than the money is the satisfaction I feel and the character I built while preparing for and
making that climb. I’ve earned this.”

Just so you know, your next year will be nowhere near as hard as climbing Mount
McKinley, but it will be hard. You will definitely see profits, but maybe not even a
dime of them after months of dedicated work, and you need to be prepared for that. On
the other hand, once the residual streams start to flow, you’ll wonder how you ever got
by with a plain old paycheck. You’ll feel great about the money, but even better about
the person you’ve become. You’ll never go back to the old 9-to-5 workaday world

At least, that’s the way it happened for me.

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