The No-Gym-Membership Exercise Routine

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The No-Gym-Membership Exercise Routine

We are constantly stressing the importance of exercise because we know how imperative it is for your overall wellbeing. Not only does it keep you strong and healthy, it’s actually been shown to bolster mental wellness too! But sometimes expensive gym memberships and costly equipment and machines are financially out of the question.

With this in mind, we’ve compiled an extensive list of very low-cost or free workout options you can incorporate into your daily schedule to stay fit and moving!

Running. Whether it’s on the sidewalk, jogging path, or mountain trail, you can get your heart pumping every day for next to nothing! If you have access to a budget-friendly treadmill, the initial cost will continually pay out because you can use it year round, regardless of weather conditions.

Walking. Similar to running, you can do this anywhere for free. Go for a stroll through your neighborhood or take it to the next level by joining a walking club in your community for a little accountability.

Yoga. You can practice yoga at home for a very minimal start up cost. All you need is a mat! The benefit of in-home yoga versus a studio is the ability to practice any time of the day when you need it most. It’s also perfect for beginners who are a little self-conscious of downward-dogging next to more seasoned yogis.

Public courts. Take advantage of public courts at schools and parks. Grab friends and get a game of tennis, basketball, or volleyball going. It’s a great workout and the perfect opportunity to socialize too!

Biking. Whether you’re a road biker, mountain cycler, or enjoy casual pedaling, bicycling is an excellent way to get your heart rate up without damaging joints from more strenuous activities. Plus, all you need is a set of wheels to get started!

Swimming. This great low-impact sport is perfect for water enthusiasts. You can enjoy this activity relatively inexpensively if you live near a lake or the ocean. If you live in a community with free access to a pool, that’s great too! Doing laps is a relaxing way to get your body moving every day.

Workout videos. Change it up a bit and try a few new routines by renting workout videos from the library for free! One week you could kick box, the next week circuit train, followed by a week of Tae Bo. The options are endless!

Online tutorials. Many fitness gurus offer workout videos for free on their websites like yoga and Pilates. You can learn from some of the best in the industry while remaining in the comfort and privacy of your own home and avoiding studio prices.

Hiking. What could be better than combining a workout with the great outdoors? Hiking is the ideal outlet for nature lovers and fitness enthusiasts alike, plus you can get a little vitamin D and fresh air!

Track. Head over to the nearest high school and utilize their outdoor running track. It’s perfect for recording how far you’ve run or walked. Just be sure the school allows for public use and go when it isn’t being used for practice or events.

Disc golf. With the rising popularity of disc golf, many neighborhood parks have installed courses. All you need is a basic set of discs to get started; most courses are free! It’s the perfect activity for getting together with friends and enjoying the outdoors.

Join a team. Intramural sports provide a very low-cost way of meeting new people and engaging in a competitive activity together. This strengthens your ability to collaborate and work as a team, too! You could try softball, rugby, or ultimate Frisbee, just to name a few.

Walk the dog. After a long day at work, your dog is probably just as antsy to get moving as you are. Take this opportunity to get outside and burn calories and energy together with your pet.

Play. Possibly the best way to get some free movement into your daily routine is playing with your kids. Take them for a walk, to the park, or simply throw a ball around the yard. This will encourage them to be active as well and will provide invaluable bonding time.

We hope these wallet-friendly workout options inspire you to get moving and help you see that some of the most rewarding things in life can actually be FREE! What are some of your favorite ways to incorporate exercise into your day? We’d love to hear your input!

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