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The ARIIX Way — Tips for Social Media in Direct Sales, Instagram

If you’re under the age of 30, chances are you’re on Instagram. A newer social media platform (compared to Facebook), Instagram was launched as a channel to share beautiful images and meaningful content by way of captions. And as we discussed before, since content with imagery gets the most traction, Instagram has become a valuable space for businesses as well.

So, what’s in one of those tiny squares? And what exactly is an Instagram story? And how can all of these things propel your business? Read on to find out!

Know Your Audience

Just like any social media platform, with Instagram, it’s incredibly important to know your audience. You don’t want to waste time crafting the perfect cat gif and caption that speaks only to a 20-something audience when your main customers are outside this demographic. So, before diving in, take inventory of your current customers and familiarize yourself with the content that speaks to them. Then, start crafting away!

Visuals Are Key

We’ve talked about content being king, but with Instagram, visuals are the most important factor, so spend some time with your camera or smartphone and your ARIIX products. We love taking our Puritii™ Water Bottle out hiking or visually demonstrating the many uses of Priime™ Essential Oils around the house. Here’s a quick rundown of tips for taking Instagram-worthy photos:

  • Choose natural light, outside or near a window, over a flash or dim indoor lighting
  • Go easy with the filters (even though Instagram has so many tempting ones)
  • Always have a clear point of interest, whether it’s a product, person, quote, etc.
  • Stay true to your brand
  • Play with your angles and change up viewpoints
  • Keep things clean so the focus stays where you want it
  • Use all your real estate (Instagram used to only let you share photos as little squares, but now you can leverage portrait and landscape modes)
  • Make sure products are free of flaws
  • Switch things up: alternate from lifestyle to products to quotes and more
  • Most importantly: have fun with it!

Broaden Your Horizons with #Hashtags

Hashtags essentially function as a digital filing system. For instance, when you post a picture hiking with your Puritii bottle and hashtag it #Puritii, you can click on that hashtag and all other public #Puritii images will pop up.

Likewise, if your audience is looking for more information on Puritii, they can search all public #Puritii hashtags. The most liked hashtags are at the top in Instagram, followed by the most recent. So keep the content rolling and your business page will be more easily found. To join the hashtag fun, here are some of our most commonly used ones:

  • THEOpportunityCompany
  • DisruptiveByDesign
  • ARIIX360
  • 360Wellness
  • Nutrifii
  • Jouve
  • CleanBeauty
  • Puritii
  • PuritiiPledge
  • CleanH2OForEveryone
  • PriimeTime

Diversify with Videos

One of Instagram’s newer features, you can now share videos. This is an interesting and interactive way to really get your message across. Some ideas we think would make good videos include:

  • How to put your Puritii™ Water Filter and bottle together
  • A good morning chat while drinking your PureNourish™ shake
  • Mixing Priime™ Essential Oils with a carrier
  • A quick daily product highlight

Join #FridayFollow

Instagram users want to know they belong, so following your followers goes a long way in building relationships. Spend a little bit of time each week going through your followers list and engaging with your audience. Comment on their posts, follow them back, or make @mentions to keep the conversation flowing.

Create a Posting Plan

By planning your Instagram posts in advance, you’ll ensure an engaging and personal story for your followers. Don’t be afraid to share tidbits about your actual life, instead of just your “ARIIX life.” While your specific audience may vary, a few tips for posting times include:

  • Weekends are hit and miss, so keep important messages for weekdays.
  • Non-business hours have the most traction, so think morning, lunchtime and evening.
  • Remember your time zones and publish content when your audience is most likely online.
  • Keep it flexible. Your audience is unique, so track everything to find what works best for your business.

Stick to a Style Guide

Once you know your audience, you’ll know the content that is most meaningful, and this will help you build a style guide for your social media accounts. Tailor your content to your audience, tweak it for each social platform, and stick with it. Things to consider are your tone, hashtag and emoji usage, and types of photos (lifestyle, products, quotes, etc.), to name a few.

Be distinct and consistent. Set yourself apart and don’t follow the crowd. Unique accounts get the most traction.

Instagram is a great way to show off visually beautiful products, curate a gorgeous brand for your business, and connect with your audience. Once you’ve figured out the basics, you’re ready to dive in. We hope these tips help get you started, and we look forward to seeing all your posts! You can find us @ARIIXCorp.

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