True Wealth Is About Much More Than Money

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True Wealth Is About Much More Than Money

“The greatest wealth is health.” -Virgil

Did you know that the word “wealth” was originally “wellth” in Old English and is derived from the words “wealth” and “health?” In a never-ending race toward financial success, it’s interesting to note what true wealth really boils down to:

wellth = wealth + health

When you obtain monetary wealth, you are really only accessing one part of the equation. You can’t possibly achieve true wellth without health. Wellth, both physical and financial, is greater than financial wealth, and true wellbeing is about finding balance in all areas of your life, including:

Body. Diet and exercise are the two obvious components of a healthy body. But everyone’s ideal healthy body differs from one person to the next. To find balance for yourself, you must determine what works for you. Start at the cellular level, incorporating nutrients daily that will build a strong, healthy body, like vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, cofactors, and water.

Mind. Many people overlook the importance of total mind health when they are creating a plan for achieving overall wellth. Take time to consider the health of your mind by meditating, having quiet moments, and doing things that inspire peace and balance in your life.

Spirit. Spiritual balance is closely tied with mental balance, because when you strengthen one, you inadvertently improve the other. However, spiritual balance takes it one step further, helping you connect to a greater good or power. Take time in nature or with people who encourage and inspire you. Spend time in spiritual pursuits that strengthen and enrich your soul.

Relationships. Relational strife robs you terribly of mental and emotional balance. Do everything you can to maintain healthy, balanced relationships with others. It’s important to note that this does not necessarily mean mending ties with every person you know. Some instances call for setting boundaries that protect yourself and help you on your road to creating truth wellth.

Finances. Now that you understand the importance of establishing a strong, healthy balance in other areas, we can finally discuss finances. This is the last aspect of total wellth. Strong finances are important to establish early in life. Start setting aside as much as you can in savings, a retirement fund, or both! Try to make financial decisions that you will thank yourself for ten or twenty years from now.

All aspects of your life work in tandem and in order to obtain true wellth, you must discover your individual balance in all aspects of your life. But by focusing on the main areas in your life, you will access terrific overall health and wealth to enjoy true, lasting wellth.

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