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Unleash Award — Brenda Williams

Brenda Williams raised her two children as a single parent, often working two jobs to make a dollar stretch to the next paycheck. Today, her dream is to empower others to build a life of freedom, without having to depend on someone else for their personal financial control.

Prior to joining NuCerity, Brenda made a couple of attempts at building a network marketing business. Both experiences resulted in over-purchasing product with few or no sales. But just over eight years ago, at a small craft fair in a nearby town, she discovered Skincerity®, the flagship product of NuCerity, which was just being launched in Canada. She had struggled for many years with problematic skin issues, as had her daughter. After viewing the testimonials, Brenda quickly saw the potential of this product to change lives.

Never before had she met anyone who had achieved the level of financial success she witnessed within NuCerity. There were many rising together, not just one person at the top. She tried the products, fell in love with her healthier-looking skin and increased self-confidence, and began building a successful business. And now that NuCerity and ARIIX have partnered up, Brenda sees even greater potential to grow her business. She looks forward to reaching the next level alongside her daughter and helping others live life to their fullest potential.

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