7 Ways to Be Generous Even When the Budget’s Tight

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7 Ways to Be Generous Even When the Budget’s Tight

Boiled down, generosity is two things: one person giving something away, and another receiving it. But sometimes the giver may feel as though there’s nothing to give. They have no wiggle room in the monthly budget to be generous with those who are in need.

Never fear, creativity is here! If you want to be generous and you just can’t afford it, you have to think outside the box. Without further adieu, here are seven ways to be generous even on the teensiest of budgets.

Volunteer your time. Figure out how much you make an hour (say 20 bucks), how many hours a month you can afford to donate a month (maybe 5), and viola! You’ve just upped your giving by $100 a month. But remember: you have to actually get out there and donate your time.

Cover someone’s tab. Maybe you’re meeting up for coffee to network or catching up with your girlfriend. This is the perfect opportunity to cover their $5 latte and doesn’t break your bank. If you’re looking for a kind gesture to a stranger, cover the person behind you in the drive-through or a shopper’s small purchase. These are affordable ways to “pay it forward.”

Give your talent. Talent should be shared. If you’re really good and proofreading or designing custom logos, establish how much of this you can afford to do every month and give it away pro-bono. Be sure to maintain a healthy balance and not let your free work overwhelm the work that brings home the bacon.

Donate your stuff. More than likely we all have stuff sitting around the house we no longer use but could go to good use in someone else’s home. Make it a goal to go through your things routinely and take the items that are just collecting dust to a donation center. Better yet, if you know of someone’s specific needs, find a few of them in your home and intentionally gift them away.

Be generous with your abundance. While finances may be tight, there could be other areas of your life that you have abundance. For example, if your vegetable garden yields a large harvest, gift your produce as an act of generosity that costs you very little.

Share your compassion. Not all of us are naturally gifted with compassion. But you can learn to be, especially if you have nothing else to give. Hospice centers, nursing homes, and programs for children are always looking for people to step in and help out, often showing them friendship or kindness where they otherwise may not receive it.

Give your experience. While many of us are self-made, the majority didn’t get to where we are today without the help of someone else. You can keep this going by sharing what you’ve learned and mastered along the way. Get involved with a mentorship program or a tutoring service and give back the knowledge you have collected over the years.

Generosity doesn’t require deep pockets. There are always ways to be generous, even on the smallest of budgets. We hope these tips will help you see the opportunities in your own life to give, even when you feel like you can’t afford it.


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