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West Coast Regional Promotions

You asked and we’re delivering because, as an ARIIX Representative, your vote matters!

Congratulations to the Representatives who attended West Coast Regional and had the chance to vote for the new ARIX promotions they wished to experience and older ARIIX promotions they wanted to extend. This is the first time in ARIIX history that voting for promotions has been possible and we heard you loud and clear!

The following promotions are the winners! We hope you enjoy.

Promotion—25% Off Individual ARIIX Products

25% Off Special! Starting on July 5, 2016, Representatives that are commission-qualified will receive 25% off their qualified price on all individual ARIIX products they purchase with no limit on the amount of individual products you can purchase! Take advantage of this discount in your Shopping Cart.

*Does not apply to packs, kits, logo items, event tickets, and anything that is not an individual ARIIX product.
* PV is also discounted at 25%.
*US/CA markets only.
*For non-event attendees, promotion ends July 23, 2016 at 11:59 pm MDT. For those who attended the event, from June 23-August 6, 2016 call ARIIX Support to purchase products at the discount.

Promotion—ARIIX Go Gold Requalification

Gold Re-qualification! Did you miss your chance to Go Gold? Well here’s another opportunity!

  • If you attended West Coast Regional, have you six weeks (June 25, 2016 – August 5, 2016) to sponsor only the number of Representatives that you missed in your first eight weeks (i.e. if you already sponsored three in the first eight weeks as a Rep, you just have to sponsor one more).
  • If you did not attend West Coast Regional, you still have a chance! Sponsor four new Reps by July 22, 2016, and you’ll be Gold!

*US/CA Markets only.

Promotion: ARIIX 2017 North American Trip Qualification Period Extended

Extended Qualification Period! Those who have not already qualified for the 2017 Annual North America Trip have an extended opportunity to reward themselves on an eight-night Caribbean cruise aboard the Freedom of the Seas! Those who have already qualified for only one ticket have the opportunity to qualify for a second ticket and bring a guest. Don’t let this extension go to waste—we want everyone to join us!

*US/CA and Mexico markets only.

Thanks again to everyone who joined as at West Coast Regional. It is our privilege to provide our Reps with endless opportunities, such as the ability to vote for which promotions they wish to experience. We hope you take full advantage of these promotions while they are available to truly grow your ARIIX business!

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