Why You Should Purchase Experiences Instead of Things

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Why You Should Purchase Experiences Instead of Things

We’ve all heard that “money can’t buy happiness” but researchers at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York actually found that statement to not exactly be true. Purchases often make us quite happy, at the beginning. But that happiness fades over time as we grow accustomed to material possessions and begin to take them for granted.[1]

Memories and experiences are far longer lasting and more rewarding overall. One study tested people for happiness after they had made a purchase and again after they’d had an experience. While the results were similar at the onset of the study, happiness associated with making memories far increased satisfaction and made people happier in the long run.[1] Experts even discovered that experiences that were unpleasant at the time still gave participants happy memories in the end.[1] Shared experiences also rated higher in the happiness department because they connect people in a very unique way that can’t be replicated.[2]

Here are a few experiences we think are worth every penny:




Thrill seeking


Spending time with loved ones



Going off-grid

Festivals, parades, and special events

What experience will you purchase next? Or better yet, what’s waiting for you in your own back yard, for free?


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  • Mike

    Excellent article. Time with family, adventures, travel are part of the suggestions above. Can ARIIX provide or offer options or packages to make accomplishing these activities possible?

    • ariixeditor

      First, thank you for commenting, Mike! Second, ARIIX—THE Opportunity Company™ is designed to help one save time and money for accomplishing these types of activities. Feel free to read additional blog posts, and we welcome your continued comments in regards to important topics like this one.

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