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WOW Event Announcements!

Wow, what an event! For those of you that weren’t able to attend the WOW event held in Fort Walton Beach, Florida on February 7, here is what you missed:

1. Puritii and Slenderiiz Replicated Websites










With the beauty and simplicity of the new Puritii and Slenderiiz replicated websites, sharing the power of these brands just got easier. For a demo video and access to your new Puritii and Slenderiiz replicated websites, simply log into your xOffice and navigate to the Web Hosting tab.

2. Product Catalog










What you’ve been waiting for, a beautifully designed, up-to-date product catalog that displays the power and effectiveness of each ARIIX brand and product lines. Don’t wait to get your catalog. Call or log onto your xOffice and order one today.

3. Executive xOffice










Exclusive to Officers and above, the Executive xOffice gives you a whole new level of insight into your business while providing you an increased opportunity to maximize your business and profitability.

You can now enjoy the power of:

  • 7 new reports in DLM
  • Unlimited downline view within reports
  • New charts displayed in your Dashboard
  • Metrics for organization and volume growth including how many visits you have to your replicated websites
  • New leadership reports that provide unprecedented access
    • Pay Line Bonus
    • Income Position Bonus
    • Optimization
  • Alerts that provide real time warnings to improve retention and activity
    • Those who haven’t placed an order in 60 days
    • Those who haven’t sponsored anyone in 60 days
  • A new Sponsor Tree View with 30, 60, and 90 day views

4. Annual North America Trip










We are delighted to announce a new regional trip. The new Annual North America Trip provides access to anyone and everyone that qualifies. That’s right! Anyone can qualify.

To kickoff the new Annual North America Trip, we’ll be awarding winners with an all-inclusive trip to beautiful Cancun in 2016.

The first qualification period for this trip began on January 1, 2015 and ends June 14, 2015 11:59 pm MST.

How do you qualify? Simple.

  • Generate $5,000 in Base Commission Growth and earn a ticket for one attendee.
  • Generate $9,000 in Base Commission Growth and earn tickets for two attendees.
  • In addition, must generate 2,000 volume points from personally sponsored Representatives enrolled within the qualifying period.

The Fine Print:

  • During the qualification period, all ARIIX Representatives who generate $5,000 USD in Base Commission Growth will qualify for one attendee to the Annual North America Trip. Any Rep that generates $9,000 USD in Base Commission Growth during the qualification period shall qualify for two attendees to the Annual North America Trip. In addition, a requirement of 2,000 volume points must be generated from newly personally sponsored Representatives during the qualification period to qualify. Note: the second attendee can be anyone you want.
  • What does “Base Commission Growth” mean? Increase your base commission over the last 6 months of 2014. Example: If I earned $1000 in base commission the last 6 months of 2014, I would need to earn $6000 ($1000 + $5000) in order to qualify for the Annual North America Trip.
  • A maximum of two attendees may qualify for the Annual North America Trip per Representative.

Good news for Top Elite Winners. Starting in 2015, winners will now attend the regional trips while receiving “royal” treatment with perks such as upgraded rooms, special excursions, spending money, and more.

All ARIIX Founders Club Members will be invited to attend the closest regional trip to their respective areas.

*US/CA/MX Markets Only

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  • cathy

    Could I please have a catalog sent to me. I will be joining Ariix thur another company very shortly.

    • ariixeditor

      Cathy, please call ARIIX Support at 1-855-GO-ARIIX for a 2015 ARIIX Brands Catalog (United States & Canada).

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