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Cancun, Mexico

Paradisus Cancun Resort
Cancun, Mexico

Elites Only: April 15–19 

Contest Winners: April 16–19

This year’s trip winners spent beautiful days in paradise at the Paradisus Cancun, a Four Diamond exclusive resort situated along one of the world’s most picturesque white sand shorelines. The Representatives were able to escape from it all and experience royal treatment, lagoon-inspired pools, relaxing on the beach, exclusive trainings, and mingling with ARIIX Founders Club Members and executives.

First Period Winners:

  • Tim and Laura Sales, USA
  • Luz Evangelista, MEX
  • Lynn Allen-Johnson, USA
  • Steve and Myrna Swartz, USA
  • Duke and Sheila Tubtim, USA
  • James and Becky Zhang, USA
  • Gloria and Gary Ko, CAN
  • Rick Billings, USA
  • Robert Allen, USA
  • Heshie Segal, USA
  • Vern Lapuz, USA
  • Jie Zhang, CAN
  • Xiu Ping Rao, CAN
  • Ying He, CAN
  • Maggie Li, USA
  • Junhua He and Linhua Zhao, USA
  • Xiao Li Song, USA
  • Qian Yang, CAN
  • Catherine Yuan and Albert Zhou, USA
  • Masahiro Miyama, USA
  • Michael Delevante, USA
  • Bin Feng, USA
  • Jian Xin Wang, CAN
  • Dong Xiu Fen, CAN
  • Huang Tong Yu, CAN
  • Stephane Page, CAN
  • Ocean, CAN
  • Ping Shi, USA
  • Sherry Wang, CAN

Second Period Winners:

  • Susan Frank, USA
  • Steve Teglas, USA
  • Tang Fei, CAN
  • Han Jin Hua, CAN
  • Aaron Decker, USA
  • ARIIX Nation, USA
  • Denis Lam, USA
  • Patricia Van Pelt, USA
  • Delores Van Pelt, USA
  • Ken Baily, USA
  • Cris Silkman, USA
  • Joseph Stanford, USA
  • Casey Schein, USA
  • Ronnie Taylor, USA
  • Carrie Hicks, USA
  • Huang Younan, CAN
  • Terry Walker, USA
  • Elvis Ky, USA
  • Zhang Jie, CAN
  • Alejandro Quinones Andrade, MEX
  • Wang Changkai, CAN
  • Li Hong, CAN
  • Li Na, CAN
  • Judy Doyle, USA
  • Qiong Liu, CAN
  • Guili Ning, CAN
  • Khanh Voong, USA
  • Woodson Gardner, USA
  • Jane Bolen, USA
  • Kelly Kennedy, USA
  • Steve and Linda Kampouroglou, USA
  • John Merris, USA
  • John and Leslie McFadden, USA
  • Randy and Juli Reiger, USA
  • Diana Foley, USA
  • Ken and Penny Smith, USA
  • Gary and Ann Kearney, USA
  • Jeffery and Angela Boyle, USA
  • Brandon and Shaina Truman, USA

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