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Costa Rica 2020

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GREAT ESCAPE Costa Rica 2020

April 20 – 25, 2020

Redeem your credits on the AOR app.

ARIIX Great Escape Costa Rica

Qualification Details
Escape to Costa Rica through the AOR program! Redeem your AOR Opportunity Credits to obtain your ticket for the incentive trip.

Redeem 260,000 OCs for an all-inclusive experience, including airfare to and from Liberia, Costa Rica, hotel accommodations, transportation, meals, one-on-one meetings with executives, team-building activities and special gifts.

Don’t have enough credits? You can still participate in this once-in-a-lifetime event with fewer OCs, airfare not included. Choose your experience below.

Adults (All-inclusive) Adults Adults (Director +)
OCs 260,000 OCs 160,000 OCs $1,600 USD / $2100 CAD
Exclusive one-on-one time
with Founders and executives
Special gifts
Trainings and team-building activities

*Inclusions vary based on OC redemption
*The OC indicated are per person
*The rooms are double occupancy. 2 persons need to share a room.
*If reps title is Director or above, they are eligible to buy in and pay $1600 USD / $2100 CAD to ARIIX.

OC Redemption or Payment Deadline:
January 31st, 2020



April 20 – 25, 2020


        1. Which markets are eligible for the 2020 Costa Rica Trip?
          The 2020 Great Escape applies to North America.
        2. How do I qualify for the trip?
          Earn 260,000 OCs during the Qualification Period before January 31st, 2020.
        3. If I don’t have 260,000 OCs, can I still attend?
          If you have 160,000 OCs, you can still redeem but you will need to book your own flights.
          If you don’t have 160,000 OCs, your title needs to be at least Director or above and pay $1600 USD / $2100 CAD and you will need to book your flights.
        4. If I qualify for a ticket but I cannot attend, can I transfer it to another person?
          Unfortunately, you cannot transfer your ticket(s) to another person.
        5. If I only qualify for one ticket, can I buy my adult guest a ticket?
          Yes. See answer for question 3 above.
        6. Is airfare and transportation included?
          If you redeem 260,000 OCs, ARIIX will book your flights and transportation for you. If you redeem 160,000 OCs or pay $1600 USD / $2100 CAD, you will need to book your own flights, but we will arrange the transportation. In the event you decide to arrive early or extend your stay, you will be responsible for any additional fees or transportation.
        7. Are all meals included?
          Meals within the resort are mostly included. You are responsible for meals at the exclusive restaurant in the resort or outside of the resort.
        8. Can I fly my adult guest out from a different city/state/country than me?
          Yes, but you will need to cover the difference in airfare if applicable.
        9. If my passport is due to expire within six months of the trip, do I need to renew it?
          Yes, to be safe, please ensure your passport is renewed.
        10. If I did not earn enough OCs to redeem a ticket, but I would like to attend, can I buy in?
          Refer to Qualification Details or question #3 above.
        11. Can I invite a downline or family member to attend?
          Yes, also refer to Qualification Details or question #3 above.
          Rooms are for double occupancy. If you do not wish to share a room with your guest, extra fees will apply for the single occupancy for both you and your guest.
        12. Can I bring my child?
          Kids 3 to 12 year old are allowed to join with 73,500 OCs to redeem or $735 USD / $965 CAD to pay. The parents must book their flights.

Terms and Conditions

        • Qualifying for the 2020 Great Escape Trip is non-transferable and is not redeemable for cash.
        • Any manipulation of this program, i.e. policy violations or false purchasing, will result in disqualification from this program.

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