• Shigeo Takasugi
    Shigeo TakasugiGeneral Manager

    Mr. Takasugi joined ARIIX as its General Manager of the Japan market. He comes to the company with a wealth of knowledge in the network marketing industry, having worked his way through the ranks in other MLM companies, such as Avon Products. He believes it’s the mission of his generation to support younger entrepreneurs, and help them on their journey toward success and his number one focus is on growing ARIIX Japan.

    • Kunio Miyagi
      Kunio MiyagiExecutive Director of Sales and Marketing

      With 22 years of management experience at seven direct selling companies, Kunio Miyagi continues his impressive career as the ARIIX Sales and Marketing Executive Director of Japan. Miyagi recognizes the unique opportunity ARIIX provides and plans to continually reach new milestones by sharing his expertise with the Representatives and growing the Japanese market. Miyagi is a key component for ARIIX’s continued success in Japan.

      • Hisami Nakagawa
        Hisami NakagawaDirector of Operation Strategy

        Ms. Nakagawa comes to ARIIX with an impressive history and over 15 years of experience in corporate accounting, finances, and personnel management. At ARIIX Japan, she uses her extensive knowledge to manage operations, direct customer service, and regulate personnel and general affairs. She’s passionate about internal and external office operations in order to deliver high-quality service for Representatives in Japan.

        • Hirokazu Tomiyama
          Hirokazu TomiyamaDirector of Compliance

          Mr. Tomiyama joins ARIIX as Director of Compliance for the company’s market in Japan. He brings many years of experience solving diverse compliance dilemmas in the Network Marketing industry with companies such as Nu Skin. This knowledge will not only be useful in the compliance field but also many other aspects in Japan in the future. 

          • Sonoko Sakurai
            Sonoko SakuraiSales Manager

            Ms. Sakurai brings a wealth of management experience to ARIIX in both the retail and network marketing industries. She is most excited to provide support to ARIIX Representatives, helping them fulfill their dreams and to build a strong relationship between the company and its field.

            • Takahiro Seki
              Takahiro SekiAccounting and Finance Manager

              Mr. Seki has dedicated the majority of his career to the accounting and finance industry, leading several financial departments prior to coming to ARIIX. Having worked with many prosperous individuals in the past, he is an invaluable asset in advancing the success of ARIIX’s many Representatives in Japan.

              • Yuki Kokubun
                Yuki KokubunOperations Manager

                With over 16 years of experience in customer service and database management, Ms. Kokubun joins ARIIX Japan as the Operations Manager where she spearheads Purchasing, Product Import, and Logistics, applying her exceptional analytical skills daily. Ms. Kokubun is committed to ensuring operational excellence for ARIIX Representatives in Japan.

                • Shigeko Kobayashi
                  Shigeko KobayashiCustomer Service Training Manager

                  With over 18 years of experience in the network marketing industry, Ms. Kobayashi provides excellent oversight, leadership, and direction of the customer service department. With a commitment to improving support to all ARIIX Japan Representatives, Ms. Kobayashi is a valuable leader whose role shapes and impacts nearly every member in her market.

                  • Katsuyoshi Kanamori
                    Katsuyoshi KanamoriHuman Resource and Office Manager

                    Mr. Kanamori has an extensive background as a sales specialist, as well as diverse experience in the fields of employee management, labor control, institutional design, payroll, and budget management as a Human Resource manager. At ARIIX, Mr. Kanamori is dedicated to supporting employees and company operations while providing solutions that improve the market overall.

                    • Naoto Nakashima
                      Naoto NakashimaIT Manager

                      With an impressive career trajectory spanning various IT fields, including help desk leadership, server and network management, IP telephone systems, and online services, Mr. Nakashima is a remarkable addition to ARIIX’s IT team. Committed to providing the absolute best IT experiences to users and customers alike, Mr. Nakashima is an excellent leader that will continue to improve the market in Japan.

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