ARIIX Lifestyle Perks is an all-encompassing program that gives you exclusive access to beneficial rewards, allowing you to live your ideal lifestyle. Earn Reward Dollars every time you purchase ARIIX products, dollar for dollar.* Then watch your Reward Dollars add up! When you’re ready, cash them in on one of your new, fantastic Lifestyle Perks, or use them to earn commissions and grow your business.

Choose from ARIIX Loyalty Shopping, ARIIX Travel®, ARIIX Diamonds, or the ARIIX Medical to live your ideal life — the ARIIX life.
Or take advantage of all four!

Gotta have it? Get it! Access exclusive insider savings on the ARIIX brands you love.
Explore the world using exclusive deals in ARIIX Travel. Plus, you can earn cash with the new ARIIX Travel Referral Program. Spin the globe, point and go!
Step into a new, glamorous world with ARIIX Diamonds. Use your Reward Dollars to access special pricing on unique jewelry or Leader Collections.
Take advantage of ARIIX Medical for better health care for your family at more affordable price.


ARIIX Loyalty Shopping gives you the savings you need to enjoy all of the ARIIX brands you know and love. Once qualified, you can shop for your favorite products with special pricing using your Reward Dollars.

Boost your savings with ARIIX Loyalty Shopping by including your Loyalty purchases with your next Auto-Delivery shipment. In the shopping cart, select “add to next Auto-Delivery shipment,” and your order will be processed and shipped with your regular monthly order.

Do you have multiple Auto-Deliveries? No problem! Select the shipment with which you would like to include your Loyalty purchase during the checkout process.


For every dollar you invest in ARIIX products, we invest in incredible vacation savings for you, dollar for dollar.* Using your Reward Dollars, you can access exclusive savings on travel — from more than one million hotels and resort properties with up to 90% savings, to flights, cruise packages and car rentals. Your dream vacation is waiting. You just need to book it!

ariix referral program

With the ARIIX Travel Referral Program, you can share your Reward Dollars with others, providing you with innumerable opportunities to attract prospects and grow your business. Plus, when you share your Reward Dollars with prospects and invite them to book their vacation with ARIIX Travel, you receive up to 50% of the ARIIX contribution amount of their bookings in commissions!

Turning Reward Dollars into cash — can we do that?

Already done! You’ll receive your commission on Travel Referrals in your e-Wallet after the recipient completes their stay.


Your ARIIX lifestyle just got a lot more lux. With ARIIX Diamonds, you can save on specially designed jewelry using your Reward Dollars. Explore the collections of high-quality diamonds set in varying selections of gold or platinum.

Ariix diamond collection

Browse collections inspired by ARIIX leaders! Leader Collections allow you to show off your unique style while reflecting on the success that the ARIIX lifestyle can bring.

Who will inspire YOU?


ARIIX partners with Redirect Health and Sedera Health to give U.S. Representatives access to quality medical care at affordable prices. Now, you can grow your business while taking care of your family’s healthcare needs.

It’s easy to qualify for ARIIX Medical! All U.S. ARIIX Representatives who are commission qualified and on an Auto-Delivery program are eligible to enroll in ARIIX Medical. While enrollment is fast and easy, there are certain limitations and restrictions for you to consider. Visit for full terms and conditions and to enroll in ARIIX Medical*!

*ARIIX Medical applicable to U.S. residents only.

  • “ When I saw that I could access savings on my favorite ARIIX products, I was ecstatic. But the savings I found in ARIIX Loyalty Shopping took my breath away! Using the Reward Dollars I earned purchasing ARIIX products, I was able to save $84 on three bottles of Ice, my favorite in the Pri i me Essential Oils line. That's 61% off! And the best part? The product I got was the same premier - quality Ice I know and love! Saving is easy, and I can't wait to see what products are available in the future. ”

    ARIIX Representative Chloe Leblanc
  • “ARIIX Loyalty Shopping offers such great deals on the high-quality ARIIX products we know and love, that each member of my team started purchasing one more product each month. Since Loyalty purchases have PV, my commission checks have gone up! I can't believe how much this new Lifestyle Perk has grown my business.”

    ARIIX Representative Marco Alfonsi
  • “I was excited to start using ARIIX Loyalty Shopping, but since I already had an Auto-Delivery, I didn't want to pay extra on shipping. That thought flew out of my mind the minute I saw the exclusive savings. Plus, the fact that I can add Loyalty purchases to mynextAuto-Delivery shipment and save on shipping is a fantastic bonus.”

    ARIIX Representative Angela Tremblay

*Rate of ARIIX Travel Reward Dollars gained varies. Example applies to Sapphire Traveler and Diamond Traveler with IIX membership. Reward Dollars will be capped at 13,334 or equivalent (per market).
Representatives have the option of paying an additional $128.88 to double the amount of Reward Dollars they can have in their rewards bank at one time, from 13,334 to 26,668, which elevates them to the status of Diamond Plus Traveler. Discount rates apply to lowest published prices.

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