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What is ARIIX?
ARIIX is a unique and disruptive international opportunity company that creates efficacious, toxin-free products developed through collaboration with world-renowned experts and marketed through independent representatives.

The ARIIX name represents the very ideals the company embodies — a gold standard and infinite opportunity. Combining derivatives from the Latin word for gold and the Roman numeral eight, representing the circles of infinity, the name means eternal wealth and symbolizes the ARIIX commitment to maintaining a “gold standard” for excellence in all things.

When was ARIIX founded?
Disruptive by Design®, ARIIX was founded in 2011 by seven people with a desire to be different: CEO and Founder, Dr. Fred Cooper; President and Founder, Mark Wilson; CFO and Founder, Jeff Yates; COO and Founder, Riley Timmer; CPO and Founder, Deanna Latson; CIO and Founder, Wenhan Zhang; and CSO and Founder, Ian Chandler. These leaders saw unfairness in the industry, where entrepreneurs were taken advantage of and owners took more than their fair share, and they thought, “We could do better.” They saw an opportunity to create an environment where people could win — where the average person has a chance to succeed. They decided to tip the scales back in favor of those who build the company, the entrepreneur distributor. Their goal is to change the industry, change lives and change the world, starting with innovative practices and a Representative-first approach that is disruptive to the status quo.

Who owns ARIIX?
Each of the seven Founders holds shares in the ARIIX corporation and brings an area of expertise in his/her respective field. With more than 100 years of combined experience, the team of seven ARIIX Founders knows what it takes to create a thriving business.

Dr. Fred Cooper — Chief Executive Officer and Founder
Mark Wilson — President and Founder
Riley Timmer — Chief Operating Officer and Founder
Jeff Yates — Chief Financial Officer and Founder
Wenhan Zeng — Chief Information Officer and Founder
Deanna Latson — Chief Product Officer and Founder
Ian Chandler — Chief Sales Officer and Founder

When will we meet the Founders and staff of ARIIX?
ARIIX will be holding a North America event September 5–7 in Salt Lake City, UT. Many of the Founders and staff members will be in attendance and they’d love to see you there.

Where does ARIIX do business?
The U.S. ARIIX office is located in Bountiful, Utah — a suburb of Salt Lake City. ARIIX is open in 20 markets, on four continents with 12 worldwide offices.

  • North America: Canada, Mexico, United States
  • Asia: Greater China including Hong Kong SAR, Taiwan, Japan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Singapore, South Korea
  • Europe: Belgium, France, Ireland, Israel, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom,
  • Australia
  • Has ARIIX been growing?
    ARIIX has attracted tens of thousands of entrepreneurs to join the innovative and collaborative opportunity. The year 2018 was especially impressive as ARIIX achieved year-over-year revenue growth of 24%, from $178 million to $220 million, with profits exceeding 8%. We also increased our Representative field by 32% over the previous year-end. The week of May 27, 2019 generated a record-breaking sales week of $6 million USD with ARIIX Japan and ARIIX Europe leading the way! And 2019 also brought ARIIX to No. 57 on the Tenth Annual Direct Selling News (DSN) Global 100 List!

    Why did LIMU choose to merge with ARIIX?
    ARIIX contacted Gary in 2018 and again in early 2019 to enquire whether he would have any interest in a merger of their two successful companies. After a great deal of reflection, prayer, analysis and due diligence, Gary and our Executive Team became convinced that ARIIX was the best vehicle for LIMU to reach hypergrowth, not just domestically but internationally as well. This merger is an outstanding blend of two strong companies and provides a huge business opportunity for LIMU Promoters and customers.

    What will be the involvement of LIMU’s CEO?
    As LIMU’s Founder and CEO, Gary has been the central figure in LIMU’s mission, vision and success from day one. As one of the most successful distributors in the industry prior to founding LIMU, Gary has a unique affinity for LIMU Promoters and what they need to succeed. With that in mind, he will continue to remain directly involved in LIMU just as he has from the beginning, albeit at a reduced schedule.

    Why weren’t we informed before now?
    As this is a major transition for both companies, we wanted to ensure there was a rock-solid plan in place before making the announcement. A lot of thought and planning went into what would be best for both LIMU Promoters and their Support team and ARIIX Representatives to ensure there would be no disruption in how you do business.

    How long will the integration take to complete?
    The transition will take shape in the following phases over the next 12 months:

  • Announcement — August 29, 2019
  • LIMU can begin to purchase a selection of the ARIIX products in U.S. — October 1, 2019
    1. o Other ARIIX products will be introduced throughout the transition period
  • ARIIX can purchase a selection of the LIMU products in U.S. — December 1, 2019
    1. o Other LIMU products will be introduced throughout the transition period
  • LIMU can begin to recruit in ARIIX international markets — within the next few months and ongoing throughout the transition
  • Why is the integration occurring over such a long period of time?
    As ARIIX has joined forces with other organizations over the years, we’ve learned that becoming familiar with a new company, product suite and culture takes time and can be overwhelming if undertaken all at once. Trying to undergo all this education while maintaining your business can be a challenge. For this reason, the integration timeline is stretched over a period of several months, so that you can continue building your LIMU business while strategically being introduced to elements of ARIIX life.

    What will happen to the LIMU products?
    ARIIX is extremely excited about the LIMU product family, and we know that our U.S. field, as well as international audiences, will love it as well. Because of this, the LIMU products will stay intact and will be added as an independent brand to the ARIIX brand family. As these products are introduced internationally, it’s possible that small changes will take place to ensure compliance in countries outside the U.S.

    Will we stay with our current compensation plan?
    Yes, you will stay on the current LIMU compensation plan.

    Do I keep my current title rank?
    You will maintain your rank, but your title will transition later to the equivalent ARIIX title, business level and associated benefits.

    If I enroll someone new, where do they enroll?
    New business members will be enrolled as LIMU Promoters under the LIMU compensation plan in the United States. Details are still being developed on how this will work in our international markets.

    Will we keep our existing distributor tree and customer base?
    Yes, your distributor tree and customer base will remain intact.

    Will the LIMU Back Office change?
    No, the Back Office will not change, so you will continue to use your LIMU Back Office as usual.

    Will I still be paid weekly?
    Yes, you will be paid as usual on the normal schedule.

    How will I receive commissions?
    You will continue receiving commissions as you have been.

    Who will now be handling our Support? Are there different hours of operation? Different numbers, emails, ways to reach Support?
    All LIMU Support numbers and emails will remain the same, as will the hours of operation. When both teams are trained and ready to support all products and Promoters, new contact information will be announced.

    Where can I learn more about ARIIX?
    ARIIX.com is a great place to get started. Click on the search bar in the navigation panel to access a robust knowledge base that functions as an ARIIX-specific search engine.

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