• Naoto Nakashima
    Naoto NakashimaIT Manager

    With an impressive career trajectory spanning various IT fields, including help desk leadership, server and network management, IP telephone systems, and online services, Mr. Nakashima is a remarkable addition to ARIIX’s IT team. Committed to providing the absolute best IT experiences to users and customers alike, Mr. Nakashima is an excellent leader that will continue to improve the market in Japan.

    • Eung Seon Kim
      Eung Seon KimCustomer Service Manager

      With more than thirteen years of experience in direct sales, Mr. Kim joins ARIIX with a wealth of industry expertise. A vital leader of the customer service department in Korea, Mr. Kim will help project the company toward greater success and foster strong relations with Representatives in the field.

      • Katsuyoshi Kanamori
        Katsuyoshi KanamoriHuman Resource and Office Manager

        Mr. Kanamori has an extensive background as a sales specialist, as well as diverse experience in the fields of employee management, labor control, institutional design, payroll, and budget management as a Human Resource manager. At ARIIX, Mr. Kanamori is dedicated to supporting employees and company operations while providing solutions that improve the market overall.

        • Shigeko Kobayashi
          Shigeko KobayashiCustomer Service Training Manager

          With over 18 years of experience in the network marketing industry, Ms. Kobayashi provides excellent oversight, leadership, and direction of the customer service department. With a commitment to improving support to all ARIIX Japan Representatives, Ms. Kobayashi is a valuable leader whose role shapes and impacts nearly every member in her market.

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