• Kazushi Imoto
    Kazushi ImotoCustomer Support Manager

    Kazushi Imoto has 10+ years’ experience in the MLM industry in positions such as field support, event coordination, marketing communications, customer service, human resources and general office administration. As a seasoned executive, Mr. Imoto has helped other network marketing companies improve their business operations and overall structure. At ARIIX Japan, Mr. Imoto is committed to nurturing relationships with Representatives and improving the service level our valued partners receive.

    • Anna Matuszkiewicz
      Anna MatuszkiewiczDirector of Sales and Marketing, Europe

      With more than 20 years of experience in leadership and management, Ms. Matuszkiewicz is an integral member of the ARIIX team. Holding an MA in Journalism and Social Communication from the University of Warsaw, completion of a year-long MBA program in Milan, as well as two additional team management programs, Ms. Matuszkiewicz has a highly targeted skillset perfect for her role as Director of Sales and Marketing in Europe. Fluent in five languages and possessing an incredible passion for her work, Ms. Matuszkiewicz is an invaluable player in the market she oversees, helping to make it the second highest-performer in the company.

      • Chu Ito

        With a long career in product development, marketing, regulatory affairs in cosmetics, skincare and health foods, Mr. Ito joins ARIIX Japan as Product Manager. Using his extensive knowledge and wealth of experience, Mr. Ito helps introduce ARIIX’s high-quality products to the Japan market, providing tangible tools for its many Representatives to experience this unique opportunity and enjoy lasting success.

        • Kunio Miyagi

          With 22 years of management experience at seven direct selling companies, Kunio Miyagi continues his impressive career as the ARIIX Executive Director of Field Relation of Japan. Miyagi recognizes the unique opportunity ARIIX provides and plans to continually reach new milestones by sharing his expertise with the Representatives and growing the Japanese market. Miyagi is a key component for ARIIX’s continued success in Japan.

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